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Spotless tanning beds in Stillwater

Express beds

At Touch of Bronze, we have 3 levels of tanning to ensure you receive the perfect tan regardless of your skin type and tone. Our express beds have 32 lamps and less than 5% of UVB ray. With 7-9 sessions (3-4 times a week) you build-up a nice base tan. You can then come every other day to maintain your beautiful bronze. Our express package includes 30 days for $29.99 with unlimited or single sessions available.

Turbo beds

Our lay down and standup turbo beds have less than 3% of UVB ray. The lay down beds have 46 lamps with 4 facial lamps and can be used for a maximum of 12 minutes, whereas the standup beds have 50 lamps with 9 leg lamps and can be used for a maximum of 10 minutes. It takes 4-6 sessions to build a base tan and then requires 2-3 times per week to maintain. Our turbo bed packages include a 30 day unlimited for $49.99 or $19.99 for 7 days. Single sessions are also available. 

Ultra high UV scan

Our ultra high UV scan gives you a deeper and darker tan by boosting the melanin in your skin. This is a great choice for that long-lasting tan. Once you've achieved a base, you only need to come once week to maintain it. This bed has less than 1% of UVB ray with a 10 minute maximum time frame. The first session is $9.99 and we offer a 30 day, unlimited package for $74.99.
We also offer a Points Package in which a certain number of points are used up depending on the bed you choose and the amount of time. And better yet, these points never expire! 2-3 points for the express beds, 4-6 points for turbo beds and 20 points for our ultra high bed. 

VersaSpa UV free tanning

VersaSpa does more than just provide a stunning sunless tan. It's designed to provide you with a spa-like experience that produces a natural-looking, healthy glow. In the privacy of your own room, VersaSpa's automated machine provides you with step-by-step instructions taking you through 3 different treatments: pH balancing, one of two bronzing treatments and a hydrating treatment for healthy, happy skin. 
Your first tan is always FREE!
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